Meet Ana Mirela

Weekly offering gathered from Sunday school children is used to sponsor Ana Mirela De Sousa through Compassion International. Each month we send $36 which provides support directly to her through a local church and community center in Fortaleza, Brazil. At the center, Ana Mirela is involved in activities that promote all aspects of healthy development, learning a skill, and memorizing Bible verses. Throughout the year, the children send Ana Mirela packages, notes, and small gifts. She writes to St. Luke regularly and sends us drawings and pictures. 


God Sightings

"Some nice lady sold us her trampoline for $5." 


" The soccer ball bounced off the net and hit the goal."


"My brother helped me clean the playroom."


" I got to go to my grandma's house."


"I got to see a mammoth skeleton."


"A friend gave me a Band-Aid when I got hurt."


"Being here with everyone at church."



4456 Morse Road

Columbus, OH 43230

(614) 471-7326