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A Personal Reformation​

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pastor Steve Brown


John the Baptist called the people of his generation to repent. This sermon will invite each of us to wrestle with this question: What is the reformation to which God is personally calling me?” The challenge in preaching on one’s personal reformation to everyone is that the reformation that God desires to bring into each person’s life is unique to them. One size does not fit all here. At this point in a person’s life, does that person need a reformation that is primarily the law (driving him to repentance), the gospel (setting her free from her bondage), or an exhortation for living a life more pleasing to God? The sermon will guide us to determine what is the personal reformation that each of us needs in our current season of life. One must be in prayerful discernment over this question because the evil one wants to convince us that what we need to hear is something opposite of what God knows we need the most.


After hearing this sermon, we hope you will fearlessly and honestly determine the reformation you most need in your walk with Jesus right now and take steps to enter into that reformation.


Lessons: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-7, Romans 8:31-39, Matthew 3:1-12

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