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Confident Faith: Expectancy
Due to technical difficulties, video of this sermon is not available. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pastor Steve Brown


Romans 8 is thought by many to be the greatest chapter in the Bible. The teaching in Romans 8 inspires in us a confident faith that is characterized by freedom, victory, expectancy, and assurance. Drawing from the teaching of Pastor Tom Holladay, the goal of this sermon series is to foster a more confident faith in the promises of God made through Jesus Christ.


For every one of us there comes times in life where we become desperate because life becomes too hard. We may be overwhelmed with suffering, loss, discouragement, disappointment, or despair. With all of creation that has been broken by sin, we suffer and groan. The great promise of God is that in all things he is working for our good. Because of Jesus, we KNOW this great promise and therefore we live now expectantly and without desperation.


Lessons: Psalm 13, Romans 8:17-30, John 10:1-10

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