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The Mission of Jesus: Restore

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pastor Steve Brown


When Jesus preached his first sermon in his home church, after he had just begun to make a name for himself, Jesus used a lesson from Isaiah to state that his mission was to announce good news to those who are hurting in order to restore them. He lived this out through the rest of his earthly ministry through his healings, defending of those being oppressed, and releasing those who were held captive to spiritual and emotional bondage. Jesus taught his followers to do the same. 


Next to reaching out to lead the lost into a saving faith, our mission is to serve and give to restore the broken and the hurting to real and abundant life. St. Luke often does this well. Our annual Be Rich campaign will be kicking off soon. It’s a campaign where we come together to meet the hopes and hurts of others through serving and giving to our non-profit partners. Are you making room in your own practice of faith for this work?


If you have not yet done so, find your ministry to unleash God’s love that will restore the hopes and heal the hurts of those in need. 


Lessons: Luke 4:14-30

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