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April 12, 3:00 pm

We are changing up the Easter egg hunt and giving you something AMAZING for all ages, birth to adult!


Families will still enjoy engaging activities and an inspirational message, but this time... it will be from home! This event is for every family, no Bible-trivia trophies required. The content is designed to help families have a low-risk, high-fun conversation about faith, and share a memory for years to come! 

You'll simply download your Parent Instruction Guide from this page and click the video link when you're ready to watch.


 You can celebrate and watch with your family at any time, but we recommend joining our community at 3 pm on Easter Sunday to tune in all together on St Luke Kids Facebook page. Here, you can take photos and post your experiences while you're partying as a family. Let's keep our local church strong and celebrate together!

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