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Our mission at St Luke Lutheran Church is to connect people into a growing relationship with Jesus.



We are a sanctuary where God's love is

learned, lived, and unleashed.



We act with authenticity and integrity in living these core values:


  • Life-Giving Relationships: We foster life-giving friendships and meaningful connections that contribute to our mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. We offer non-judgmental support through both the victories and the challenges of life.


  • Active Faith: We keep God at the heart of all that we do. We strive to grow and deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to introduce others to God’s love and grace. We recognize that faith is dynamic and cultivate opportunities to deepen our faith so that it becomes vibrant and rich, touching every aspect of our lives.


  • Purposeful & Generous Caring: We believe that hands-on service and abundant generosity can have life-changing impact. We embrace our calling as Christ followers to be Jesus to others, partnering with our community to serve those in need both locally and around the world.


  • Sweeping Acceptance: We seek to build bridges and break down barriers, even when we disagree. We love unconditionally because Jesus loves unconditionally. No matter where you are in your life or in your faith, there is a place for you here. You belong.

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