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This is an event with youth groups from all around Gahanna.  Cost is only $10 which covers Lazer Tag, the Trampolines and an 1hr unlimited game card.  Lazer Kraze does require a waiver on file.  If you have been there before then you don't need to fill out a new one.

Parents, one thing that you all can do that would be a huge help to speed up the process of check is to make sure your students and their friends have all filled out a waiver online and then please let us know who is coming (first and last name) so the staff at Lazer Kraze can already have the students waivers pulled before the event starts. 


Bring $10 to pay at the door.  Concession stands will be available if students want to buy snacks.  


So make sure you have a waiver, find some friends to bring, email me who is coming, and bring $10 cash Sunday night to Lazer Kraze.

Lazer Kraze Gahanna is located at 5524 N. Hamilton Rd.

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