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We are designed to go through life within a community of family and friends. Just because we can't meet in-person doesn't mean we can't make new friendships and flourish using technology.
Life Groups at St. Luke are designed to help you connect with others to grow in friendship, faith, and service. In other words, to live God's love!


Life Groups consist of three or more people who meet regularly to explore the Bible, spend time praying for one another, and enjoy each other's company.
Starting a Life Group is easy!  


  1. Find two or more friends – they could be friends in your neighborhood, co-workers, people you kind of like that you would enjoy spending more time with.

  2. Register your group so we can stay in touch with you.

  3. Decide when and where you'll meet, either online or in-person as you are comfortable.

  4. Choose a video resource to follow from Right Now Media. 


Register Here

The last thing you need is just another Zoom meeting.  Spending time with your friends online makes this the best Zoom meeting of your week! 
Online groups typically meet for 60 minutes, catch up, laugh, discuss a video teaching or book of the Bible, plan for fun together outside the meeting, and pray for one another.
Interested, but want to learn more? Email Aaron McCullough, Worship & Adult Ministry Director at
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