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Are you searching for real friendships, people with whom you can share your life?  Friendships are good for our mental, physical, and spiritual health.  We all need them, but sometimes they can be in short supply leaving us lonely and disconnected in life.  


Many of us at St. Luke has been there.  We know the pain of loneliness and isolation can cause deep within us.  


And we also know the joy friendships bring.   God made us to connect and share our lives with others.  This is why we have life groups at St. Luke. 


Life Groups satisfy our deepest longings for connection and are a necessary expression of who we are as people and the church.   


Life Groups help you grow in friendship, faith, and service.  In them we experience and live God's love together.  Groups meet regularly to have fun, study scripture, and support one another.


Interested in joining or forming a Life Group?  Contact Pastor Mike Weaver at for more information and to get connected

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