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Eight Prayers for St. Luke

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eight Prayers for St. Luke Part 2

David Drees​


Our friend, David Drees, returns to St. Luke to give us his final two sermons before moving. In these next two weeks, he will preach through Eight Prayers he has for us as a church and individually. 


Prayer #5: That you would recognize that God has purposefully placed us here – at this time, in this place – for His glory.

Prayer #6: That you would develop a taste for truth – even difficult ones.

Prayer #7: That you would embrace Biblical Christianity – not American evangelicalism.

Prayer #8: That you would experience a holy discontentment with where our lives are – and that you would espouse the hope of what our lives can be.


Lessons: Psalm 1, Acts 17:22-27, John 17:15-26

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